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Selasa, 03 November 2015

The Silver Bullet Apk+Data Download

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The Silver Bullet Apk+Data Download


Kali, the legendary “Goddess of Death” in the South America Revolution.
She joined Neverlight, the counter-demon organization, after some kind of incident.
She wield two pistols that carve silver on bullets became a secret agent who hunts down demons.
Kali was investigating a strange case occurred in the Axis-21 Marine Research Plant
when she discovers the large and shadowy conspiracy of failed Project Prometheus.

Behold, gamers! The game you’ve always wanted is here!

Console-style Hardcore ActionNo gachaNo in-app purchasesNo advertisementsNo push notificationsNo recommended friend requests

What's New?

HOTFIX: Security module updated (more tolerance)
Game Controller supported
Enhanced Game Pad Support
Security module got more tolerancex86 Device Support
Some Monsters become easier

Requires Android : 2.3 and up

Download Links Below...

Download apk 27mb

Download apk (link2)


Download data 530 mb

Download link 2

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