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Rabu, 20 Juli 2011

The Unemployed-Where to Look for Jobs

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Articles : The Unemployed-Where to Look for Jobs
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The Unemployed-Where to Look for Jobs

Tips for People Looking for Jobs

Are you among the unemployed who eagerly wait for daily newspaper, to sort through the many pages of job adverts after which you spend the rest of the day responding to the adverts?

You may not be aware of it, but you form part of the large number of job seekers who imagine that job vacancies only appear in the newspapers. Such people looking for jobs get disappointed after they realize that there are no jobs that fit their expectations. Out of desperation, they end up applying for jobs they do not qualify for.

Less than 5 per cent of all available job opportunities are advertised in the  mainstream media. Relying entirely on newspapers for job search, limits your options to a small number of employers who regard ads in newspapers as part of their policies and practices. With media outlets expanding, many employers are diversifying places where they post their job ads to reach more targeted people, cut costs and have a longer reach as opposed to newspaper classified ads, that reach a limited number of people for a specific period. So where else should you look for jobs?

Looking for Jobs Online

Company websites are becoming popular for job seekers to check out any available job vacancies. To the employers, the websites enable them to market themselves to the job seeking public while at the same time advertising for available opportunities. The other advantage to the employer, is the belief that anyone using websites to look for jobs is actually interested in their products and services.

As you look for a job online, start by researching the kinds of employers you have always wanted to join and then do Google search for the specific sites. Once on the website, look for a link to job or vacancy opportunities.

Other common sources of job adverts are the websites that give a pool of available opportunities. In this case, employers send their job adverts to a central place where they are grouped and posted for easy access by the unemployed. Some of these sites are designed in such a way that the employer posting adverts pays a fee yet the job seekers access the information at no costs. some of these websites are, and Relief Web. Just Google any of these and you will be directed to sites with many job opportunities.

Job recruitment companies are the other reliable source of job ads. They keep a database of professionals in various fields and use it to source for potential candidates upon request by employers who sub contract them to source for employees for a fee.

Using social contacts and networks are also becoming favorite for job seekers. Many people have group contacts lists to which they send all available job adverts. in this case, a single job ad lands in thousands of inbox's in a very short time making it cheaper and quicker way of spreading information. As you share your email address with friends either using Facebook, LinkedIn or just email, ask them to add yours in their group contacts so that you can benefit from any job forward.

While you are still looking for a job, Join Factoidz Today! and start making money. You may start it as a hobby but eventually, it maybe one of your major source of passive income.

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